Spiritual Healer

My name is Aracelis Fernández, and 5 years ago, I was searching for answers to some health problems I was experiencing. I first went down the conventional route, which had helped me some, but when I realized these health issues were not going away, I began to research and explore alternatives. I turned to holistic healing, trying homeopathy, bio magnetism, and reiki to name a few. With these healing methods, along with a change in my diet and incorporating more exercise, I began to notice a huge improvement in my health and well-being.

Not surprising, this experience lead me to want to learn and train on these alternative healing methods. I have a great appreciation for how holistic healing seeks to listen to the body's signals and work with its own natural vital healing force, allowing it to bring back balance and harmony.

I am a certified reiki master, a medical bio magnetic therapist, and a crystal reiki practitioner. Currently, I'm working on an Herbal Astrology Certificate, as well as an Indian Head Massage Diploma.

My aim is to empower YOU to improve your well-being, transcending everything you didn't feel was possible. The journey is not a quest for perfection, but a path of self-awareness, heart, and light. Take the reins of your life, with strength and courage to embrace all changes. Life begins within you....


Since 1993